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Pure Body Logix, Resistance Trainer Pro

Pure Body Logix, Resistance Trainer Pro
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Pure Body Logix, Resistance Trainer Pro
1 EACH, 1 lbs. Item # 288636
The Resistance Trainer Pro Edition is our entry level model gyro,REPLACES up to 35 lbs of free weights, ideal for anyone that has carpel tunnel or tennis elbow issues or if your looking to obtain a great arm workout! It s perfect for rehab, strengthening, toning, and exercise. Within five minutes of using the R.T. Pro Gyro, you will begin to feel it work hard on your arms and wrist, strengthening them with every spin. The harder you make the Gyro spin, the heavier it gets. Start enjoying the benefits of gyroscopic fitness fun today!


Resistance trainer Pro made with -pvc and rubber casing


Do not put the spinning gyro on skin or hair. Do not drop the item. Do not use water to clean theinside out.

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