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rareESSENCE Hope Travel Tin Candle

rareESSENCE Hope Travel Tin Candle
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rareESSENCE Hope Travel Tin Candle
4 OZ, .25 lbs. Item # 208815
Our Travel Tin Candles are each created with creamy, smooth, 100% pure GMO-free soy wax, 100% essential oil aromas, and all cotton wicks. Each Travel Tin Candle features a 4oz tin with lid that is 100% recyclable, and it’s beautiful packaging is Forest Stewardship Council Certified.


Fir balsam essential oil, Spruce essential oil, Pine needle essential oil, soy wax
The first time you burn your candle, allow the pool of wax to extend to the rim of the candle - this usually translates to burning one hour for every inch of the candle's diameter. Never leave candles burning unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Keep burning candle in sight at all times. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire. For best results, only burn candle for 3 hours at a time. Allow to cool completely before relighting. Burn only on a candle plate or heat resistant surface. Trim wick to inch before each lighting. Do not drop foreign matter or wick trimmings into the candle. Keep out of drafts.

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