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Looking for a way to help enhance intimate encounters with your partners? Vibrating rings can spice up lovemaking and add to the experience for you both. CVS offers a number of vibrating rings with the convenience of online shopping. Your purchase will be discreetly shipped to your door to protect your privacy.

What Is a Vibrating Ring?

A vibrating ring is a sex toy intended primarily for couples. The toy consists of a stretchy ring that slides down over the penis. Inside the top of the ring is a motor. When the ring is turned on, the motor causes the top of the ring to vibrate. Once the wearer penetrates his partner, the vibrating top will come in contact with her clitoris, simultaneously stimulating her and him.

Benefits of Vibrating Rings

Vibrating rings offer a number of benefits for couples. Many women struggle to achieve an orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Adding clitoral stimulation to the mix with a vibrating ring can increase the chances of a woman experiencing a climax during sex. In addition, the pressure from the ring may increase the firmness and duration of an erection, giving the man a performance boost. Couples may also simply enjoy the new experience of adding a fresh sensation to intercourse.

Reusable vs. Disposable Rings

There are two main types of vibrating rings: reusable and disposable. With disposable options, there is no way to change the battery. As a result, the ring can only be worn until the battery dies. Then, it must be replaced with a new ring. This type of vibrating ring is economical and a great choice for couples who have never used a ring before or who will only use adult toys occasionally. Reusable vibrating rings have batteries that can either be replaced or recharged. Often, these rings have more advanced features. It is common for reusable vibrating rings to have powerful motors for enhanced stimulation.

Vibrating Ring Variety

Once you have narrowed down the options to focus on the type of vibrating ring that the two of you prefer, you can consider other features. The shape of the top of the ring will determine how much contact the toy makes with the clitoris and what sensations are produced. Some rings have more than one speed setting for flexible performance. You can find waterproof vibrating rings that are safe to use in the tub or shower and models that double as finger rings for sensual massage.