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Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closure 50CT

Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closure 50CT
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Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closure 50CT
50 CT, .35 lbs. Item # 548760

3M Steri-Strip blend tone skin closures are made of porous, nonwoven material and are coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive.

  • Light color blends with many skin tones for a cosmetically pleasing appearance
  • Non-invasive design helps reduce scarring and the risk of infection as compared to sutures and staples, providing less tissue trauma and better cosmetic outcomes (reference on file)
  • Sterile, breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Less expensive than skin adhesives, sutures or staples (reference on file)
  • Fast application
  • Can be used when there is a need for a non-reinforced, gentle closure
  • Closing surgical incisions
  • For use in: Emergency department, operating room, clinics and physician's offices, same day surgery centers.
  • Condition: Skin closure.
  • Contraindications: Steri-Strip skin closures are contraindicated where adhesion cannot be obtained. Potential causes of inadequate adhesion are presence of exudate, skin oils, moisture or hair. Use of Steri-Strip skin closures on infected wounds is contraindicated. Steri-Strip skin closures are contraindicated for use in high tension wounds which cannot be easily approximated with fingers or forceps
  • Latex-free
  • Tan color
  • Skin closure condition type: Skin laceration, surgical incision, cosmetic results, surgical incision, large incision, surgical incision small incision.
Disclaimer: The reimbursement information provided by 3M Health care and its representatives is intended to provide general information relevant to coding for 3M products. Insurers' reimbursement policies can vary, however, and the use of the codes discussed here does not guarantee that the insurer will cover or pay at any particular level.

This item is FSA (Flexible Spending Account) eligible.


Clean and dry skin. If desired, a thin layer of compound benzoin tincture may be applied to enhance strip adhesion. Open package. Remove card and card end tab. Grasp end of strip and lift strip straight upward from card. When using as a skin closure device, without presence of skin suture or staple, appose skin edges using fingers or forceps. Place strips across wound, ensuring tensionless application. Section larger wounds to distribute tension. Space strips approximately 1D8 in. (3mm) apart. Additional closures may be applied parallel to the wound and approximately in. (12mm) from closure ends. This may reduce shear force beneath the strip ends.


The development of postoperative edema may cause skin shearing, skin blistering or loss of tape adhesion to occur at either end of the strip. Application of any surgical tape or adhesive skin closure may result in skin stripping upon removal. As with all adhesive products applied to the skin, a small percentage of individuals may experience hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation following removal. Occasional cases of mild acne and folliculitis have been observed in testing on healthy volunteers. Steri-Strip skin closures are indicated for use as a skin closure device in the treatment of lacerations and surgical incisions. Steri-Strip skin closures may also be used in conjunction with skin sutures and staples or after their removal for wound support.

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