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The ConairMAN battery-operated, Ear & Nose Trimmer

The ConairMAN battery-operated, Ear & Nose Trimmer
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The ConairMAN battery-operated, Ear & Nose Trimmer
1 EACH, .3 lbs. Item # 372449
The ConairMAN™ battery-operated, ear and nose hair trimmer features a detailer and shaver attachment, and a 3-bevel blade in a compact, highly portable design. The heads are washable, and there's a storage pouch so you can take this trimmer on the road. 2 attachments: detailer attachment, shaver attachment Diamond-shaped, 3-bevel blade Washable heads Durable/compact design Storage pouch 1 AA battery (not included)


IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY KEEP AWAY FROM WATER WARNING – 1. Use close supervision when the appliance is used by, on, or near children or individuals with certain disabilities. 2. Use appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. Use only attachments recommended by the manufacturer. 3. Never operate the appliance if it is not working properly, has been dropped or damaged. If appliance has fallen into water, do not reach for it. Drain the water, let the unit dry, be sure unit is off and then replace the battery. 4. Do not use the appliance with teeth missing from the blades, as injury may result. Before each use, make certain the blades are aligned properly and oiled. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS TROUBLESHOOTING: There are several things to look for if your trimmer fails to operate: 1. Be sure the trimmer is turned on. 2. Make sure that the battery is properly placed in the battery compartment. Test the battery to be sure it is working. 3. Check the blades to see if they are clogged with hair clippings; if so, use a cleaning brush to remove hair. 4. If the trimmer still fails to operate, take or send it to a Conair Service Center (see Warranty).
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