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Vamousse Lice Treatment

Vamousse Lice Treatment
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Vamousse Lice Treatment
6 OZ, .6 lbs. Item # 992037
 Kills 100% lice & eggs in 15 minutes!
Pesticide free
Kills "super lice" (lice resistant to other treatments)
Easy mousse application
Vamousse works! Satisfaction guaranteed when used as directed.
Easy mousse application
See insert for full details
Treats head lice


 Ammonium benzoate, Benzyl alcohol, Butyl lactate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Diazolidinyl Urea, Fragrance, Isopropyl alcohol, Isopropyl myristate, Magnesium lauryl sulfate, Propellant A-46, Triethyl citrate, Water
 Apply mousse to hair
Work mousse into hair
Observe dead lice
Important: Read Warnings before use. Adults and children 2 years and older:
Treating lice:
To facilitate application, separate hair into 3-4 sections.
Shake can well before using.
Apply thoroughly to DRY hair. Pay special attention to nape of neck and behind ears.
Thoroughly saturate all hair and scalp. All lice and nits must come in contact with the product.
After hair is saturated, allow product to remain on hair for 15 minutes.
To remove lice and their eggs (nits):
Use enclosed lice/nit comb, combing hair from as close to scalp as possible to the end of hair.
If hair dries during combing, apply more product.
After combing, thoroughly recheck for lice/nits. Repeat combing if necessary.
Shampoo and towel dry hair.
Product may be used as often as needed.
Children under 2 years old: ask a doctor.


 For external use only
Do not use:
Near eyes
Inside nose
Eyebrows or eyelashes
See a doctor if lice are present in these areas.
When using this product 
Keep eyes tightly closed and protect eyes with a washcloth or towel.
If product gets in eyes, flush with water right away.
Scalp itching or redness may occur.
Do not puncture or incinerate; contents under pressure.
Do not smoke or use near open flame or heated surface.
Do not store at temperature above 120F (49C).
Stop use and ask a doctor if eye irritation occurs, skin or scalp irritation continues or infection occurs.
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away.
Other information:
Store between 59-86F (15-30C). See package insert for additional information.

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