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Vicks Germ-Free Cool Moisture Humidifier

Vicks Germ-Free Cool Moisture Humidifier
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Vicks Germ-Free Cool Moisture Humidifier
1 CT, 7.5 lbs. Item # 740281

The Vicks cool moisture humidifier helps you breathe better and sleep more comfortably for everyday comfort. Its patented germ killing UV technology kills up to 99.9% of virus, fungus, bacteria and mold in the unit's water after 2-hour of continuous use on high. This provides the assurance that the moisture the humidifier emits is virtually free of germs.

  • Self regulating evaporative system adjusts output for maximum comfort
  • Quiet operation won't disturb sleep
  • For use with Vicks VapoPads. Simply add a menthol (VSP-19) or sleepytime (VBR-5) scent pad for soothing scent
  • Runs up to 24-hour per filling
  • 1 gal. Water tank
  • Designed for large sized rooms
  • 3-Year limited warranty
  • Use with replacement filter WF2


Placement: Select a firm, level location at least 6" (15cm) from any walls for proper airflow. Place the humidifier on a water-resistant surface, as water can damage furniture and some flooring.

Fill Tank:

  • Step 1. Turn tank upside-down. Remove tank cap by turning counter-clockwise.
  • Step 2. Fill tank with cool tap water. Replace tank cap. Tighten by turning clockwise. Place tank back on humidifier.
  • Step 3. Once the filled water tank has been placed on the unit Do not move humidifier. Doing so could cause leakage and spills.

Soak Filter:

  • Step 1. Remove tank.
  • Step 2: Soak the filter in cool water. Do not wring filter.
  • Step 3: Insert new filter into unit by gently folding and inserting into filter slot.

Scent Pad:

  • Step 1. Remove tank and locate. Scent Pad slot.
  • Step 2. Open Scent Pad bag and remove old pad.
  • Step 3. Place one new Scent Pad with angled side facing downward into the scent pad slot.

You can use the bag as a holder during insertion. With the power switch in the OFF position, plug the filled humidifier into a polarized 120V outlet. Do not FORCE THE POLARIZED PLUG INTO THE OUTLET; it will only fit one way. Do not plug in humidifier with wet hands to avoid electric shock. Set fan speed to desired output: High Max Moisture. Medium Everyday Moisture. Low Night time sound sleep mode.


As long as your humidifier is on, the scent pad heater will also be activated. This area can be warm to the touch. Carefully empty water from base using the directional arrows imprinted on the unit to be certain no water enters it. Completely dry base before changing UV Bulb. Not recommended for infants under 10 pounds. For children between 10-22 pounds Do not use more than 2 pads in a 24 hour period.

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