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CVS Pharmacy at 16910 E Quincy Ave Aurora, CO 80015

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What services does this CVS offer?

About this Pharmacy & Drug Store


Located at the corner of Quincy Avenue and South Buckley Road and just a few moments from Grandview Dog Park, CVS Pharmacy® is your perfect stop when you need convenience. Did you forget to grab drinks for your picnic? We have them. Perhaps your pup lost his favorite toy at the dog park. We have new ones! Whether you need cosmetics, beauty and health care or groceries, our drug store has you covered. Of course, we also provide a wide variety of pharmacy services, and we even offer immunization clinics for certain vaccinations. Just look at what you'll find when you visit our store.


Get your medications when you need them


You deserve a pharmacy that is quick and convenient with competent pharmacists, and CVS Pharmacy® takes your needs seriously by employing the best of the best. Our pharmacists are all well-educated, well-trained and excited to help you. Transferring your prescriptions to our pharmacy is as easy as signing up for our app and answering a few questions. You can also use the app or your personal account to set up automatic refills and view as well as track every prescription that you or your family members have. Do you need even more? We have it! Scan your app to pick up your medications, or use it to print financial statements about your prescriptions that you can use when it is time to file your taxes. Don't forget to check out our online drug database so that you are well-educated about your medication.


Receive the flu vaccine and others quick and easy


CVS Pharmacy® offers important vaccinations for adolescents, adults and seniors. We offer affordable flu shots each year in our walk in clinic. In addition, we also provide booster shots for children entering middle school, high school or college, including the Tdap booster. Our experienced professionals also provide customers with vaccinations against shingles, pneumonia, meningitis, MMR, Td and chicken pox. Finally, we also provide vaccines against Hepatitis A and B. Keep in mind that many vaccinations are by appointment only, so be sure to call ahead. We look forward to hearing from you.


Take advantage of our rewards program


We want to give back to our customers, which is why CVS Pharmacy® created the ExtraCare® rewards program that allows you to earn ExtraBucks® on everything from convenience items to cosmetics. In addition to our ExtraCare® BeautyClub, our pharmacy and health rewards allow you to earn a percentage back even when you are purchasing prescriptions. You can earn 2 percent cash back on most purchases, or if you sign up for the app or email newsletter, you can earn up to three times more. You'll even receive exclusive discounts. Use the ExtraBucks® you receive to purchase your favorite things on your next visit.


At CVS Pharmacy®, our goal is to meet your needs. Each of our employees is well-trained and ready to help you find items or answer your questions. Find out how we can help you by stopping by today or calling us at 303-680-3284. We look forward to becoming your favorite neighborhood pharmacy and convenience store.