CVS Pharmacy at 939 Sw Morrison St Portland, OR 97205

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Store & Photo Hours

  • M-F
  • Sat
  • Sun

Pharmacy Hours

  • M-F 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Sat 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sun 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

What services does this CVS offer?

  • Pharmacy

About this Pharmacy & Drug Store


When you have a busy day filled with work, kids and household duties, you need a pharmacy that is close by and convenient. That is exactly what you get with the CVS Pharmacy® at 939 SW Morrison in Portland. Located inside of the CityTarget, it couldn’t be any more convenient. Whether you are dashing in on your break or need to do a little shopping after work, this store location is right where you need it to be.


Providing you more


When you step into the store at SW Morrison in Portland, you can expect more. Our pharmacy inside CityTarget offers everything you have come to expect from our brand combined with all the perks of a Target. The store takes up the second and third floors of the old Galleria building, which is right in the heart of downtown Portland within easy access of downtown businesses and offices, such as the Sentinel Hotel and numerous restaurants you can try while waiting for a prescription.


Our pharmacy also offers a variety of immunizations for the whole family at this store. With our location in a busy shopping center, we are close by everywhere you plan to be. If you need to stop in before, during or after work, it is a snap. Imagine how nice it is to visit a store nearby after work and pick up your prescription on the way home instead of having to run out again after you get home.


Improving Access to Contraception


Doctor’s appointments during regular office hours don’t always fit into schedules filled with family events, school activities and work. If you need an updated birth control prescription, stop by our pharmacy and ask for a consult. Our evening and weekend hours make it easier to fit into your busy life.

No appointment is necessary.


  • A specially trained pharmacist will take your blood pressure and ask about your history of hormonal birth control use.
  • Scripts can be written for up to a year of refills.
  • A visit summary will be sent to your primary care physician.


Women 17 and under must provide proof of previous contraception prescription. Contact our location for the cost of the consultation. The prescription may be covered entirely or in part by your insurance plan.


From a trusted company


Shopping at CVS Pharmacy® is something we want to become part of your routine. We aim to be a trusted name with services that go above and beyond to fill your needs. Our high-quality service and products are a direct result of our hard work since 1964 to create a company that is customer focused. From the very start, we have worked to ensure complete satisfaction. We want to help you on your road to health by offering you everything you need at one location.


We are more than a drug store that sells you medications and sends you on your way. We are a dedicated friend ready to help you whenever you come in. You can trust we will have what you need when you need it. We work hard to ensure your prescriptions are filled accurately and quickly so you don’t have to worry. Our pharmacists are willing to answer questions, and our team members go the extra step to ensure you are happy. We are constantly working to make your experience in our store the best it can be.


Our pharmacy makes it easy with a personal account that allows you to manage automatic refills. You can transfer prescriptions through our convenient mobile app. We also save you money with our customer-friendly ExtraCare® rewards program.


Stop in today


Experience our downtown Portland store for yourself. We are easy to find along SW Morrison, so come in and see us. You can also give us a call to ask questions or get more information about our services at 503-290-5362.