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Proper care of your ears is important, as improper care could lead to injury or even permanent damage. For safe cleaning and wax removal, doctors frequently recommend the use of syringes designed especially for ear care. CVS can help you purchase an ear syringe for regular use or first aid. In this product selection, you'll find a diverse assortment of ear syringes to meet your needs.

About Earwax Build-up

Ear syringes are primarily used to address earwax build-up. Earwax is a sticky substance that your body produces and secretes. The wax forms a coating along the inside of the ear canal and help to keep impurities, bacteria and fungi from entering your ear. Unfortunately, earwax can sometimes accumulate inside the ear canal, leading to feelings of fullness and pressure, ear pain and hearing problems.

What Is an Ear Syringe?

An ear syringe is a tool that is used for cleaning the ear canal. On one end of the syringe is a narrow, tapered tip with a hole in the center. The other end of the syringe may feature a squeeze bulb or be outfitted with a plunger. With the first type of syringe, you squeeze to create a suction and draw out wax. The other type sucks out wax when you pull back the plunger.

Benefits of Syringes

Removing earwax by sticking a cotton swab or a similar object in your ear could result in you accidentally bumping, scratching or otherwise injuring the delicate tissue and fine hairs in your ear canal. Ear syringes provide a safer method for removing wax when used properly. After use, you can easily empty wax and clean a syringe, and there is no need to use ear drops or rinses with the tool to successfully remove wax. As a result, syringes simplify wax removal.

Comparing Your Options

The first thing to consider when shopping for a syringe is which type you prefer. Plunger-style syringes are very simple to use, while bulb-style options can often double as nasal aspirators for removing mucus. In addition, you should consider the age range for the products. You can find ear syringes that are designed especially for adults, for kids or for users of all ages.

Ensuring Best Results

To ensure best results, read the directions for use provided by the manufacturer and follow them closely. You should clean an ear syringe after every use, complying with the instructions printed on the packaging. Before using any earwax removal product, it is a good idea to consult your medical provider for advice about which solutions are best for you.