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Brown's Birdlover's Blend Songbird Deluxe Birdseed

Brown's Birdlover's Blend Songbird Deluxe Birdseed

Price: $7.39 (6.6ยข / oz.)
Sku: 833747
Size: 112 OZ
Wt: 7.16 LBS
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Preferred by bird watching enthusiasts everywhere! Natural, preservative-free, wild bird foods! Attracts the greatest variety of songbirds. 25% black oil sunflower seeds! Contains only natural seeds & grains! We created Bird Lover's Blend for the experienced hobbyists, as well as the novice. This special blend is designed to attract the most desired birds in all seasons and regions. The experience of five generations has helped the Brown's family to develop this product. We know it will bring the beauty of colorful songbirds into your backyard habitat and make the bird feeding experience fun and rewarding for the whole family. Bringing nature to your backyard. Songbird Deluxe is blended with over 25% black oil sunflower seeds that songbirds of all sizes prefer! Plus, we've added natural white proso millet and gourmet cracked corn which are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that provide needed energy to deal with outdoor conditions! This blend is filler-free and includes the three ingredients they love to eat! Find more songbirds at your feeders with Songbird Deluxe! Over 25% oil & fat-rich seeds. Filter-free. No artificial colors or preservatives. With natural seeds & grains. Year-round high energy! When it's more than just a hobby! This is a power-packed blend because of the high oil and fat content in black oil sunflower seeds, millet and cracked corn. It's just what birds crave! No fillers here! This blend contains only the premium gourmet seed and grains that songbirds of all sizes and varieties crave! Natural, super-cleaned ingredients! We super clean all of our products to ensure the healthiest blend for your birds. Our select natural ingredients are what birds love most. Attracts the most species! Our blend appeals to most songbirds, because we've selected the types of natural seeds and grains they prefer! We believe you'll agree it's the best blend for all seasons, climates and regions. Larger songbirds prefer to be fed in platform feeders. Made in USA.

White Proso Millet, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Cracked Corn.

Helpful hints for successful bird feeding! Water: Provide a constant source of water near your feeding area and the birds will flock to it. Year-Round Food: Birds are attracted by a reliable source of food, so keep your feeders full and they'll return faithfully. Shelter: Place feeders near trees and shrubs because they provide a safe haven. A sunny, windless, southeastern exposure is the preferred feeding location. Variety of Feeders: The style of feeder will affect which types of birds are attracted to it. Cardinals prefer platform feeders. Finches prefer tube feeders. Food makes the Difference: Each bird species has its food preference, so providing it will attract them. Keep it Clean: Regular cleaning of your feeders and watering areas will benefit the long-term health of the birds.

Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts and other tree nuts.