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Parts of Glasses

Parts of Glasses

Whether you're getting glasses for the first time or your eyeglasses need repair, there are lots of different parts of glasses that work together to create your favorite eyewear. Here are some of the individual parts of glasses you need to know about so you can find the perfect pair for you or get replacement parts if you need them. From the frame front to the temple and bridge, read on to learn more about what each of these terms means and how they work together to form your glasses.

Frame Front

The frame front is the part of glasses that holds the lenses in place, and really gives your glasses their definitive style and look. Frame fronts can be made of a wide range of materials including plastic, acetate, metal like titanium, or durable carbon fiber. You may also hear the frame front called the rims. Full rim glasses have frames that surround the entire edge of your glasses, while half-rim frames only surround the upper half of the lenses. Rimless glasses have no frame front, but the lenses are held together by a bridge in the center that goes over your nose.


Of course, lenses are the most important parts of glasses, since this is what allows you to see more clearly. You'll need to get a prescription for lenses from your eye doctor. Lenses can be made of plastic or glass, but most today are crafted from thin plastic composites. You can also have the lenses treated with a special coating to prevent glare, block blue light, or to add tint or coloring.


The bridge of your glasses is what holds each lens together, and it's the part that fits over your nose. The bridge holds the most weight of the glasses and can help determine how well your eyeglasses fit on y our face. Full rim frames use a bridge that forms part of the frame front. Half-rim and rimless frames require an additional piece on the bridge to hold everything together.

Temples or Arms

This part of your glasses is what you use to fit them over your ears. The temples are the part that you see on the sides of your head and can come in a huge range of colors and styles. Templers can be straight, curled at one end, or have a "swan neck" that bends downward to fit over your ears. Most arms or temples match the front frame of your glasses however, some designers choose to make them in a contrasting color or design for a stylish look. Check out the arms before you buy new glasses since they can differ from the front.

Other Small Parts of Glasses

Finally, small parts for your glasses include the hinges, screws, and nose pads. The hinges allow you to fold and unfold your glasses. The screws are the tiny parts that hold the two halves of your glasses together. Nose pads are the part that rests on your nose and makes wearing glasses more comfortable. Each of these tiny parts works together to keep your favorite pair of glasses together and secure on your face for a comfortable fit.

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