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Women's Shaving Cream

Want to have silky, smooth skin? Shaving can help you whisk away unwanted body hair from your legs, underarms and bikini line. To get the best possible results, you need more than just the right razor. A shaving lubricant is also important to getting a close shave. CVS can help you find the perfect companion for your razor with a diverse assortment of shave creams and gels formulated especially for women.

Why Use A Shaving Lubricant?

A shaving lubricant is a product that you apply to your skin before you begin shaving. The product creates a lather or foam over the area that you wish to shave. This makes the skin slippery, so that the razor can glide more easily over your body. As a result, shaving lubricants reduce the risk of your skin becoming irritated by the blades of your razor. Shave lubricants also diminish the likelihood of nicks and cuts occurring. Plus, shaving lubricants for women often have pleasing scents that make your personal grooming routine more enjoyable and luxurious.

Shaving Cream Vs. Shaving Gel

There are two main types of shaving lubricants for women: creams and gels. A gel is a clear or translucent shaving lubricant with a lightweight texture, while a cream is heavier and thicker. Creams typically provide slightly more lubrication than gels and are often recommended for women who have dry skin or are prone to irritation. Gels make it easier to see the hair growth while you shave and are ideal for women with normal to oily skin.

Best Shaving Cream For Women

Some shaving creams and gels have special benefits. Products for sensitive skin typically contain ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal that calm irritation. You can also find formulas that have moisturizers and skin conditioners added to promote softer, smoother skin while you shave. Some products are formulated to address specific shaving concerns like razor bumps. Natural products are made with ingredients derived from plants and minerals and are a great choice for women who are striving to lead greener lives.

Women's Shaving Gel And Other Shaving Needs

CVS makes it simple to stock up on everything that you need for shaving. You can find a huge selection of disposable, replaceable blade and cartridge razors in the online store. In addition, the selection of shaving products includes post-shaving products to condition and soothe your skin after you have used a razor. Plus, you can find shaving accessories that can help make shaving your underarms, legs and bikini line easier.

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