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Keep it Simple: Best Damn Beard & Shave Guide

In collaboration with Duke Cannon

Premium beard and shave care shouldn’t be a complicated subject — take it from Duke Cannon. Now available in our stores, they’re here to help you create a simple and successful routine, regardless of whether you prefer a little scruff, keep it clean or like a fuller, longer beard. 

To get started, check out their cheat sheet for tips and tricks on grooming — and maybe even some gift ideas. 

Skip the Foams and Lather Up 

Duke Cannon’s Superior Grade Shaving Cream meets the high barbershop standards of a classic, clean and effortless shave. By generating a rich and manageable lather it protects skin from irritation, razor bumps and tightness. Plus, it makes for a noticeably improved razor glide by creating the closest, most comfortable shave experience possible. Bonus: it can be used with or without a shaving brush. 

Duke Cannon Shaving Cream | CVS Beauty In Real Time

A Proper Shave Regimen Goes From Hot to Cold

Any barber worth his salt knows to bring the heat first. And Duke Cannon’s Hot Shave Clear Warming Gel provides a convenient, warm-towel experience that opens pores, softens skin and minimizes irritation while shaving.

Duke Cannon Shaving Gel and After Shave Balm | CVS Beauty In Real Time

Once done shaving, quickly splash cold water and apply the Ice Cold After-Shave Balm to close pores, protect and hydrate skin. The cooling sensation will feel as if you face planted into an Alaskan snowpack. No burn too, because it’s alcohol free.

The Difference Between Beard Oil & Beard Balm

Beard oil and balm serve the same primary function: hydrate the beard and more importantly, the skin underneath it. When and where they’re used is the key difference. Duke Cannon recommends using the Best Damn Beard Oil after a shower while your pores are open, face is clean and beard is dry.

Duke Cannon Beard Oil and Balm  | CVS Beauty In Real Time

They also suggest adding a beard balm, like the Best Damn Beard Balm to your regimen. Balms offer similar moisturizing benefits, plus they’re packaged for portability. Since throughout the day beards can get a bit disheveled, most guys keep a tin in their gym bag, desk drawer, or glove box for a quick, easy refresh.