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Finding Your Foundation Shade Match

February 1, 2019

All Posts by CVS Beauty

Great news, beauties! The world of foundation shades is expanding with full ranges from brands like LA Girl, Maybelline and Revlon, now available in our stores and online. Even better news? With more skin tone-undertone combos to choose from, it’s easier than ever to meet “the one” for your beautifully unique skin. 

Foundation Shade Range for Darker Skin Tones  | CVS Beauty In Real Time

Set the Right Tone 

Building a strong foundation starts with knowing your skin tone and undertone. 

True Match Foundation Shade Range for Darker Skin Tones  | CVS Beauty In Real Time

Skin tone is the color you can see on the surface, often described as deep, dark, tan, medium, light or fair. Undertone is the subtle color that comes through from underneath your skin’s surface, classified as cool, warm or neutral. 

Put a Ring on It 

If you’re unsure about your undertone, try the jewelry test. 

LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation Shade Range  | CVS Beauty In Real Time

Gold accessories are most flattering on warm undertones. If that’s you, try a foundation with a gold or yellow base. You may have cool undertones if silver is more of your style. Cools should go for foundations with a pink or blue base. And if you pull off all metallics, you’ve got neutral undertones; look for a foundation with a balanced base (nothing too yellow or too pink) or very subtle hints of gold.

Tip Line Break  | CVS Beauty In Real Time

Flirting with two shades? When in doubt, go with the lighter one. You can always use a bronzer to darken a foundation, but brightening it may be tricky. 

Tip Line Break  | CVS Beauty In Real Time

Make Your Love Last

Be sure your match checks off all the other boxes, too. 

Revlon Photo Ready Anti Pollution Foundation  | CVS Beauty In Real Time

Coverage? Lightweight foundations like Revlon PhotoReady Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation can show off freckles, while fuller coverage foundations like L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup can hide acne, dark marks or redness. 

Finish? If you prefer a clean, soft-focus look, go for a matte finish like LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation. Or try a luminous finish like Maybelline’s Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth Foundation. You’ll look hydrated and brightened.

Tip Line Break  | CVS Beauty In Real Time

Once you think you’ve met your match, dab some foundation on your jawline and let the color absorb for a few minutes. Like what you see? Sounds like a keeper!

Tip Line Break  | CVS Beauty In Real Time