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How Much Do Contacts Cost?

How Much do Contacts Cost?

If you need some form of vision correction, contacts are probably an option you're considering. This alternative to eyeglasses is convenient and compact, but it typically costs more than glasses do. How much do contacts cost, and how you can save money on them? Read on to learn more about contacts and what goes into the price so you can decide which option is best for you and for your budget.

The Cost Factors of Contacts

The price of contacts can depend on several different factors including the brand you choose, how often you need to replace them (every day, every week, or every month), and where you buy them. If you have a complex vision problem, your contacts could cost you more. Look for discounts including manufacturer rebates to help you save. Colored contacts or "vanity contacts" may cost more if they're from a major brand. However, it's not recommended that you buy colored contacts just to change the color of your eyes without getting an official prescription from your eye doctor.

The cost of contact lenses can vary, but the average cost for an annual supply of contacts, if you're nearsighted, should be between around $200 and $300. If you need to replace your contacts throughout the year, plan to purchase around sic to 10 boxes total, with a cost of around $20 to $30 for each box. People who need contacts for astigmatism will pay more. In fact, the average cost of contacts per box for those with astigmatism is closer to between $50 and $70 per box, with an average annual cost of around $500 to $700 or more.

If you have presbyopia, the cost for contacts is similar to that of those with astigmatism. Daily disposable lenses are also more expensive than those you change every week or every month. Plan to pay between $500 and $700 annual for daily disposables if you buy an annual supply. Most retailers will offer a discount if you choose to buy your contact lenses in "bulk," so keep that in mind as you shop for them.

Additional Costs of Contact Lenses

Aside from the cost of the contact lenses themselves, there are a few other items you'll need to purchase. Be sure to factor these items in when planning your contact lens budget. First, you will need to buy bottles of contact lens cleaning solutions to keep them clean, sanitary, and protected. You will also need to buy a contact lens case so you can store them, clean them, or take them with you safely whenever you travel. Overall, these extra costs aren't too much, but they're still something to keep in mind.

Contact Lenses Cost & Insurance

Check with your vision insurance provider to find out what they cover when you go to get new contacts. Most major insurance companies will cover a large portion of the cost, especially if you go to an in-network provider. Some insurance companies may not cover contact lenses, but they should still have a vision benefit allowance that could cover you for around $100 to $150 every year.

The material provided on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical or optometric advice. The information provided is not intended for the diagnosis of medical condition and should not substitute for the advice of a qualified health provider.

Please make sure you get your eyes examined regularly and always follow your eye care professional's instructions for the proper use and care of your contact lenses. It's important to note that if you experience any pain or discomfort from your contact lens, discontinue use immediately and consult your eye care professional. WARNING: IF YOU ARE HAVING ANY UNEXPLAINED EYE DISCOMFORT, WATERING, VISION CHANGE, REDNESS, OR LIGHT SENSITIVITY, REMOVE YOUR LENSES IMMEDIATELY AND CONSULT YOUR EYE CARE PRACTITIONER BEFORE WEARING YOUR LENSES AGAIN.

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