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How to Adjust Glasses

How to Adjust Glasses

If you wear your glasses every day, eventually, they can feel loose, uneven, or they may start to feel uncomfortable. You can take your glasses to a local eyeglass retailer or vision center to have them adjusted, but you can also attempt to make some adjustments on your own at home. If your glasses just need a little bit of tweaking, here are some tips that will show you how to adjust your glasses for a more comfortable, snug fit.

Fixing Crooked Glasses

There may be times when it feels as if your glasses are tilted to one side, and they can start to feel uneven or off-kilter. Thankfully, you can make the proper adjustments at home to get them back on the straight and narrow. If one side of your frames feels higher than the other, you'll want to adjust the arms or temple of the glasses. If the right side of your glasses tilts higher than the left, gently bend the left arm down at the hinge where the arm starts to bend behind the ear. If the left side seems like it's tilting higher than the right, do the same thing but gently bend the right arm down at the hinge instead. This simple adjustment should work for minor tilting issues.

Easy Glasses Adjustments

Many patients find that their brand-new pair of eyeglasses just don't fit quite right. Remember that not all frames are going to fit your perfectly, and sometimes it just takes time for your new glasses to slowly conform to your face. However, you can easily adjust the nose of your glasses by pushing the nose pads outward if you have wire frames. If your glasses have plastic frames, gently bend the bridge inward at the center. In some cases, the temples of your glasses could be too tight or too loose. To loosen tight glasses, run them under warm water for about 30 seconds, then grip the part of the arm located near the temple and bend them in a slightly upward motion. If your glasses are too loose, follow the same procedure, but bend the arms in a downward motion to tighten them up.

How to Adjust Glasses at Home

In most cases, you can make a few minor adjustments to your glasses at home. Here are some helpful tips to make the process easy:

  • Always run your glasses under warm water and never hot water. If the water is too hot, it can damage the coating on your lenses or cause the frames to become permanently warped. Never use boiling water to clean or adjust your glasses.
  • Make adjustments slowly and in small increments at a time. This will ensure that you don't over-adjust the glasses and end up making them fit worse than they did before.
  • If you feel that your glasses need a lot of adjustments, it's always best to take them to an eye care professional. They have the skills and tools to use the proper techniques that will help you get a perfect fit.
  • Most metal frames can be bent to make adjustments, but always do so gently so that you don't accidentally break them or cause the metal to snap.
  • Adjusting the temples of plastic frames, rimless, or semi-rimless glasses can cause them to break so it's best to leave these types of adjustments to the pros.

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