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Clear Glasses

With so many different eyeglass trends to choose from, it can be difficult to find a pair that works for you. Clear glasses are a hot trend in eyewear that can easily be styled with almost any type of look. Unlike black glasses or colored glasses, clear frames provide you with a way to make a bold, modern statement. Read on to learn more about these trending glasses to find out whether or not clear glasses are right for you.

Transparent Glasses: The Basics

When shopping for clear glasses, they might also be listed as translucent or colorless. These eyeglasses suit both men and women, and they're perfect for any skin complexion. Many people opt for clear glasses because it allows them to wear larger frames without overwhelming the face. Darker-colored glasses can make ill-fitting frames look more pronounced. If you're not sure which eyeglass shape is right for you, keep in mind that oval glasses and round frames look good on people with square faces, while oval glasses are attractive on diamond faces. Round and square glasses suit people with heart-shaped faces, while rectangle glasses suit people with round faces.

Styling Clear Glasses Frames

An easy way to style your clear glasses is by choosing an oversized frame. These large frames work on virtually every face shape, and people will be able to see your new glasses more easily from a distance. You can also find clear glasses that have a slight tint to add a subtle pop of color. When wearing your clear glasses, remember that darker colored clothing will draw attention away from your frames, but light colors should help them be more prominent. If you're on the fence about clear glasses, consider starting with some readers to see how they suit you. As for makeup, avoid wearing heavy makeup or darker eyeshadows. Instead, opt for neutral, soft colors on the lips and eyes that will complement your clear glasses rather than overpower them.

One of the best things about wearing clear glasses is that they're very easy to style with a variety of looks. Whether you're sporting a pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt or you're wearing a business suit, these glasses are perfect for any occasion. Make sure you choose a pair of clear glasses that fit your face so that you feel comfortable wearing them all day long.

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