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FreshLook LiteTint 6 lenses per box FreshLook LiteTint
  • (6 lenses / box)
FreshLook Dimensions 6 lenses per box FreshLook Dimensions
  • (6 lenses / box)
FreshLook Colors 6 lenses per box FreshLook Colors
  • (6 lenses / box)
FreshLook Colorblends 6 lenses per box FreshLook Colorblends
  • (6 lenses / box)
Fresh Look Contacts

Whether you need new contact lenses or you simply want to change your look, Freshlook lenses are the ultimate in beauty contacts. Their Colorblends line uses unique three-in-one technology that gives you a natural, beautiful look. From a bold transformation to a much more subtle color enhancement, there's a wide variety of gorgeous colors and styles to choose from. Even if you have perfect vision, these lenses can instantly transform the look of your eyes any time you choose.

The Science Behind Fresh Look Contacts

Unlike traditional contact lenses that are totally clear, Freshlook lenses integrate bold colors into the material to give you a totally new appearance. The 3-in-1 color technology focuses on three different areas of the eye: the outer ring that defines the eye, the primary color that totally transforms your eye color, and the inner ring that brightens and adds depth to your eyes. You can wear them to get a natural-looking, more refreshed eye color or choose something that's bold and dramatic. You can choose your pair based on your desired look and color. Hues range from bold blue and green to hazel and deep, rich brown.

Tips for Wearing and Maintaining Fresh Look Contacts

When selecting contact lenses, talk to your eye doctor about the best wearing schedule for your needs. You should ideally replace your Freshlook lenses every two weeks, or more frequently depending on how often you wear them. For the One-Day line of lenses, they should be replaced daily and the old pair should be thrown away each night. The Freshlook Colorblends, Colors and Dimensions colored contacts are made for daily wear with nightly removal. If you choose lenses that last longer than a day, always clean them nightly with a quality cleansing solution.

If you've been searching for the ultimate beauty upgrade, Freshlook contact lenses can completely transform your look. From dreamy blue tones to warm green, brown, hazel, or gray, these lenses are made to give your face a dramatic transformation.


"Our science," Freshlook.

"Our full line of products," Freshlook.

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