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Miru 1 Day | 90 pack

$43.99 (per box after discount)
Reg: $54.99
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1 year supply
4 boxes per eye
6 month supply
2 boxes per eye
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Annual Supply = 8 boxes (4 per eye)
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  • Lens type: Daily disposable soft contact lenses
  • Package details: Hioxifilcon A
  • Material and % of content: Hioxifilcon A
  • Water % of content: 0.57
  • Manufacturer: Menicon


Experience superior vision quality with the Miru 1 Day from Menicon. These contact lenses feature a unique material that's designed to resist drying so you can enjoy more moisturized eyes and comfortable wearing experience. The lenses include a Centraform edge that reduces the friction between your eyelid and the edge of the lens that you often find from other brands. In addition to the uniquely affective design, the Miru 1 Day from Menicon Flat Pack boasts a revolutionary packaging design. These lenses sit flat and open easily. Once opened, the lens is featured with the outer surface facing upward so it's much less likely to transfer oil and dirt from your fingertip to your eyes.

This unique product was specifically created to reduce the chances of experiencing inner surface contamination on your contact lenses. As you open the package, the outer surface is facing upward so you won't need to worry about your eyes being exposed to potentially harmful microorganisms and bacteria. When those microorganisms get trapped between the lens and your eyes, you could be susceptible to infection.

The word Miru comes from the Japanese verb that means "to see." Experience the latest revolution in contact lenses with these Miru 1 Day lenses from Menicon. The lenses are made from a special polymer material that attracts and binds with water molecules. The result? You'll get better moisture retention and wettability which results in a comfortable wear experience. No more dry eyes, and no more need to apply eye drops throughout the day. With the latest technology in packaging and materials, the Miru 1 Day contact lens is the perfect choice for your daily disposables.

Introducing Miru 1 Day from Menicon. Miru is made of a material that resists drying for a comfortable all-day wear. Its Centraform edge reduces friction between your eyelid and the edge of the lens. The perks don’t end with the lens. Miru’s unique 1mm Flat Pack packaging sits flat, opens easily, and presents the lens with the outer surface facing up – so it’s less likely to transfer of dirt and oil from your fingers to your eye.

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