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Optima Contacts

Optima Contacts

One of the leaders in vision care, Bausch and Lomb offer their Optima line of contact lenses for a variety of needs. These lenses feature a patented technology that allows for comfort while providing you with a clearer vision for your unique condition. If you're looking for a new pair of contact lenses, Optima offers high-quality contacts for the experienced lens wearer.

The Optima Toric line features low water contact and a prism-ballasted soft lens. These lenses are manufactured using patented Toric Generating lathe-cutting technology. Designed especially for those who have astigmatism, these contacts will correct your vision while keeping you comfortable. They're ideal for daily wear and have been prescribed to patients for over 30 years. Combing excellent vision with truly uncompromised comfort, these lenses will make your astigmatism a thing of the past. Choose your prescription for traditional wear or for frequent and planned replacement depending n your needs. Be sure to read the package insert carefully for all cleaning, disinfection, and replacement scheduling instruction.

If you have myopia or hyperopia, the Optima 38/SP lenses are an excellent choice. These contacts also feature a low water content and a soft fit for added comfort. You can wear them daily to suit your vision correction needs. The Optima 38/SP is the only traditional soft lens that includes a spare pair. This will give you peace of mind and convenience in between your replacement schedule. Get comfort and clear vision in one with these highly effective lenses.

Talk to your eye doctor about getting a new prescription for contact lenses. They'll assess the current condition of your eyes and write a new prescription based on your condition and your vision correction needs. The eye doctor will also have you fitted to help you select the perfect pair of contact lenses for clearer vision. When it comes to a strong history of proven science and high-quality, Optima is an excellent choice.


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The material provided on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical or optometric advice. The information provided is not intended for the diagnosis of medical condition and should not substitute for the advice of a qualified health provider.

Please make sure you get your eyes examined regularly and always follow your eye care professional's instructions for the proper use and care of your contact lenses. It's important to note that if you experience any pain or discomfort from your contact lens, discontinue use immediately and consult your eye care professional. WARNING: IF YOU ARE HAVING ANY UNEXPLAINED EYE DISCOMFORT, WATERING, VISION CHANGE, REDNESS, OR LIGHT SENSITIVITY, REMOVE YOUR LENSES IMMEDIATELY AND CONSULT YOUR EYE CARE PRACTITIONER BEFORE WEARING YOUR LENSES AGAIN.

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