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Baby Blankets and Accessories

Babies require a lot of clothing and gear during their first year of life. In addition to a layette, a crib, a car seat and other large items, your infant may require extra items that you may not anticipate. Fortunately, CVS can help you easily buy those products that will keep your baby comfy and simplify your life. In this product selection, you'll find a diverse assortment of baby blankets and accessories available for online shopping.

Types of Baby Blankets

Many parents use baby blankets on a regular basis at home and when traveling with their babies. There are a number of types of baby blankets that may be ideal for your child. Swaddling blankets are typically used to wrap newborns and young infants. These breathable blankets mimic the feeling of being in the womb and can be comforting for babies. Receiving blankets are slightly larger and heavier and can be used for cuddling your baby. Car seat and stroller blankets are the largest options and can be used as floor coverings or to keep your child warm in the car seat or stroller.

Blankets That Do More

Some blankets do more than provide warmth and comfort. Lovey blankets can also help to calm and entertain babies. A lovey blanket is a small, soft blanket in a square shape. Typically, a three-dimensional plush toy is attached to the center of the blanket. Many babies continue to use lovey blankets into toddlerhood and early childhood as toys and security blankets.

Solutions for Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a common problem among children. Waking up in a wet bed can be alarming and uncomfortable for kids, not to mention a messy hassle for parents. A bedwetting alarm can help to address the problem. These devices are placed in a child's bed or clothing and use a special sensor to detect the presence of urine. When an accident occurs, an alarm sounds to wake up the child and their parents. This can help to train kids to wake on their own and use the bathroom and allows parents to quickly respond to messes. Most bedwetting alarms are designed specifically for boys or girls. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the features and benefits of the various bed wetting alarms featured in this product selection. It is also a good idea to discuss bedwetting with your child's pediatrician for more advice on how to deal with the concern.