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Diaper Genie II Refill
Diaper Genie II Refill
Diaper Genie II
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Diaper Pails & Bags

By the end of a baby's first week of life, he or she will likely be producing at least six wet diapers per day plus one or more dirty diapers daily. As a result, diapering quickly becomes a common task during a parent's day. With diaper pails and bags from CVS, you can make frequent diapering a whole lot easier at home and on the go.

Simplifying Diapering on the Go

Babies don't wait until you get home to have a dirty or wet diaper. That's why it's important to ensure that you're prepared for diaper changes when you're on the road with your little one. Diaper bags allow you to carry extra diapers, wipes, diaper cream and a spare change of clothing with you wherever you go. Some diaper bags even feature pads that you can spread out and turn any spot into a changing table when you're away from home.

Disposing of Diapers at Home

When you're at home, your diaper supplies are usually within easy reach, but you'll need to have a way to dispose of your little one's diapers. Some parents prefer to use diaper sacks for dirty and wet diapers. These small bags tie or seal closed to prevent messes and seal in odors, so you can throw diapers away in the trash. Diaper sacks can also be used for throwing away diapers when you're on the go. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a diaper disposal system. These products feature internal bags for collecting diapers. Once the bag is full, you simply remove it and place it in the trash.

Refills for Popular Pails

Most diaper disposal systems use specially designed bags and will require you to purchase refills over time. When you're shopping for refills for a specific diaper pail, it's important to read the product descriptions carefully. Some manufacturers may offer more than one type of diaper disposal system, and the refills for one product may not fit in another.

Organizing Diapering Supplies

Diaper changes at home are a whole lot easier when you have everything that you need well organized. A diaper storage caddy can eliminate the hassles of having to hunt for diaper cream, extra diapers or wipes. Caddies are usually made out of cloth and feature a large central compartment that may be open or divided into sections. Some caddies also have pockets along the sides for extra storage.