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Plastic Bandages

Minor wounds can often be cared for at home, provided you have the right first aid solutions on hand. Plastic bandages are an excellent addition to first aid kits due to their versatility and their easy-to-use design. At CVS, you'll find a wide range of plastic bandages that you can purchase online and have delivered to your home.

Using Plastic Bandages

Plastic bandages consist of a sterile gauze pad attached to a flexible plastic backing. On the side with the gauze, the plastic is coated with adhesive. The bandages come mounted on backing that you peel away to reveal the sticky side. Then, you simply press the bandage into place, positioning the gauze over your wound.

The Benefits of Plastic Bandages

There are a number of benefits to choosing plastic bandages for wound care. The bandages are very easy to apply and to remove, making dressing changes quick and simple. Plastic bandages form a protective barrier to keep microbes and debris away from wounds and reduce friction to help skin heal. You can purchase plastic bandages in a wide range of sizes with options for small and large wounds on nearly any part of the body. Because they are made of plastic, the bandages are durable and unlikely to rip during placement.

Making Wound Care More Discreet

If you're concerned about the effect that wearing a bandage has on your appearance, there are plastic bandages available to ease your concerns. Sheer plastic bandages are semi-transparent and more difficult to see on your skin. Clear options are completely transparent and blend in well with the surrounding area.

Addressing Special Concerns

Specialty plastic bandages are available for addressing specific wound care concerns. Perforated options promote airflow to assist with the healing process, while antibacterial bandages contain ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause infections. Children's plastic bandages typically feature colorful artwork or familiar characters from television, books and movies. With their cheerful appearance, the bandages can make first aid less frightening for children. A health care professional can help you decide which type of plastic bandage is best for your specific wound care needs..