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Demeter by Demeter Cologne Spray Rain, 4 OZ

Demeter by Demeter Cologne Spray Rain, 4 OZ
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Demeter by Demeter Cologne Spray Rain, 4 OZ
4 OZ, .6 lbs. Item # 609386

Evoke a variety of scent memories with the Demeter library of fragrances by Demeter. From the yummy notes of blueberry muffin to the fresh scent of grass, Demeter's fragrance library captures the most indelible scents in a bottle. The library offers a great range of unique scents like New Zealand and Play-Doh. These unisex fragrances are as individual as their wearers and diverse enough to change like clothing when the mood strikes you. Keep several on hand to indulge your senses.Rain cologne spray is a delicate, clean scent made for young, urban men and women. This scent is an interpretation of the complex incident related to rain in the springtime. The fragrance notes compare to the smell of oils released by plants in the soil after rain and the scent of moist and humid air. This magical fragrance is the perfect addition to your daytime fragrance collection. Spray on some Rain cologne spray just before you leave home for a refreshing scent that lingers on your skin.

  • For women and men.
  • Design house: Demeter.


Fragrance notes: Demeter is a fragrance library with a variety of scents ranging from cosmopolitan cocktail to vanilla cake batter.
Recommended use: Casual.

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