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Looking for a way to help enhance intercourse for you and your partner? Lubricants can make sex more pleasurable and comfortable for you both, and there are a wide range of options available to meet every need. If you and your partner prefer to take a more natural approach to sexual health, CVS has products that are ideal for you. In this product selection, you'll find all of the natural personal lubricants currently available for you to buy online and have discreetly shipped to your home.

Reasons for Using Natural Lube

A lubricant is a product that is applied to the skin prior to intercourse. The primary purpose of a lubricant is to help reduce friction. You may wish to use a lubricant to help make penetration easier and to enhance your sexual experience. Lubricants are also beneficial for women who suffer from vaginal dryness, as they can help eliminate discomfort and pain during sex. In addition, people may choose to use lubricants with adult toys to help make masturbation more pleasurable.

Best Natural Lubricant

While formulas vary from product to product, natural personal lubricants generally contain fewer chemicals and man-made ingredients than conventional products. Synthetic ingredients are usually replaced with plant-based extracts. People may choose to use natural lubricants because they are sensitive to or allergic to synthetic ingredients commonly used in traditional lubricants. Alternatively, people may choose to use natural lubricants as a part of their overall eco-friendly lifestyle.

Natural Water Based Lubricant Vs. Oil Based

There are two main categories of natural lubricants: water based, and oil based. With water-based lubricants, water is the primary ingredient in the formula, which gives the lubricants a lightweight consistency to help allow them to gradually penetrate the skin. As a result, water-based lubricants typically have a lightweight feel, do not create greasy residues and are easy to clean. Oil-based lubricants typically have a plant oil as their main ingredient. Oils give lubricants a rich, silky texture and can make them highly effective at reducing friction. You're less likely to have to reapply an oil-based lubricant during intercourse. The downside is that oil-based lubricants can be difficult to clean and are usually not safe to use with condoms.

All Natural Lube Ingredients

After you have focused on the lubricants that are the right form for your needs, you can consider the formulas themselves. Check out the ingredient listings to find out exactly what is in each product. You can also read the descriptions to learn more about any special benefits that the lubricants have to offer.

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