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Caladryl, also commonly referred to as calamine lotion, contains an ingredient called pramoxine which helps to relieve itching and minor pain and skin irritation. This lotion is typically used to treat a wide array of issues like insect bites and poison ivy. It may also help with skin irritation as a result of sunburn, eczema, and hemorrhoids. Caladryl works by performing as a local anesthetic, numbing the skin and blocking those annoying painful, itchy feelings.

Caladryl For Poison Ivy

Before you apply caladryl to your skin, be sure to thoroughly read the directions as indicated on the package. Never apply it directly to broken skin, open wounds, or serious burns. If you're uncertain if you need caladryl, talk to your doctor before you use it just to be safe. Always clean and dry the affected area before applying the lotion. Shake the container well before use to mix up the ingredients. You can apply the lotion to the affected area up to four times per day unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

After you apply caladryl, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly unless your hands are being treated. Never touch your eyes after applying caladryl as it could cause irritation. It's best to avoid using caladryl on large areas of the body. You should also never cover the affected area wit plastic or any type of waterproof bandage. If you experience any kind of irritation, wipe the affected area gently and rinse it with clan water. Make sure you store your caladryl safely out of the reach of children to avoid potential ingestion.

Using Caladryl

While caladryl is effective at providing relief for common skin issues like bug bites or poison ivy, it is not a long-term solution. If you still experience severe pain or itching after applying the lotion consistently for several days, see your doctor as you may need prescription medication or other treatment. Some people may experience allergic reactions to caladryl, so monitor yourself or your children closely after you apply it. It can also cause severe drying of the skin after long-term use, so it's important to remember that caladryl, while effective, is really a temporary method of relief.

Caladryl is not recommended for children under two years of age. If you choose a clear caladryl lotion, it may also contain zinc. Zinc acts as an added layer of protection for the skin. With proper application and monitoring, caladryl can be an effective and helpful addition to any first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

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