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Nail glue is a must have for your beauty bag. It can be used for more than just gluing on acrylic or fake nails. If your nail breaks, you can use it to repair as a temporary fix. Also, you can use nail glue to adhere gems and crystals to your body for your next festival.

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It's easy to give your look an upgrade with gorgeous press-on nails. These false nails come in all kinds of colors, designs, and shapes and they require an adhesive to keep them in place. Nail glue gives you a strong bond that ensures your press-on nails stay secure no matter what you're up to. This glue is available in a variety of formulas and comes from a wide assortment of brands.

How To Use Nail Glue

You might be tempted to use a lot of nail glue to make sure your new nails stay on. But too much glue can cause it to spread out and extend past your nails, leaving a sticky mess behind. Instead of laying it on thick, use tiny dots of glue for each individual nail. Take your time and press down gently so you don't end up spreading the glue too far or put the nail on crooked. Once the nail glue hits a flat surface, it expands so you don't want to use too much. Practice using the applicator before you apply press-on nails so you get used to the consistency and how the glue bottle works for your needs.

Best Nail Glue

When you shop for the perfect nail glue, there are several things to be on the lookout for. First, look at the style of the applicator to determine which one is best. Most nail glue comes in a small bottle with a long tip so you can dot it on. You might also find it in a brush format. Brush-on nail glue helps with an even application, and the glue will spread more evenly across the nails. There are also spray-on forms of nail glue but be careful when you use this type and avoid getting it into your eyes or on your skin.

Some nail glue claims it has a speedy drying time. If you choose this style, make sure you apply each nail quickly before the glue dries. Ideally, nail glue should always be clear. If it's not, make sure that it is a clear-drying formula. White nail glue might not turn clear and could leave a strange white residue around your nails. Make sure that the glue you choose is also able to be washed out of fabrics like clothing. You don't want to stain your favorite jeans or top if you accidentally spill some of the glue. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to apply nail glue like a pro in no time.

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