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Athletic tape helps to reduce pain and helps to promote muscle recovery. Taping can also help to avoid further injuries. You can wrap your fingers, ankles, knees and more to protect you while you heal. Consult a healthcare professional to make sure you are using the tape properly. You can also use sports tape for your sport equipment for grip. Shop now and take advantage of the many uses of athletic tape.

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If you play sports or work out, you may have realized that it can cause potential injury and feelings of soreness. Often, this happens due to over-use or rough impact which results in sore muscles, swelling, and other forms of physical discomfort. Sports tape is designed to lift the skin and decompress the underlying layers of skin to help prevent fluid buildup. Sports tape is meant to allow the lymphatic fluid to transport white blood cells throughout your body, which may improve blood flow and potentially reduce pain during exercise.

What is Sports Tape?

Athletes can use sports tape while they're working out or playing sports to help prevent injury from happening in the first place. When this flexible tape is applied correctly, it should be provide additional support to your muscles. When your muscles get this added support, it can prevent them from overextending, a common workout-related injury. You should use the tape regularly to help ensure that your body is getting the support and blood flow it may need while you work out.

You can find sports tape sold by a variety of manufacturers and brands. Many sports tapes is made of soft cotton fabric so it's considered breathable. The tape includes a stretchy elastic core so you can wrap it around areas of the body like your legs, arms, and even the shoulders. Since the tape is designed to be highly flexible, it shouldn’t constrict your movement as you run, jump, and play. The elastic should give your body added support without restricting your range of motion. It is recommended to choose a sports tape that's moisture-wicking and breathable to help prevent skin irritation or discomfort. The tape should be reusable so you can use it again and again before replacing it.

How To Use Athletic Tape

When you apply sports tape to your body, try not to touch the adhesive so it may better stay in place. Try to avoid creases in the tape whenever possible, and you can use scissors to cut it if you need to apply it to rounded edges of your body like the shoulders. You can use multiple strips of sports tape if you need to, but it is not recommended to use more than 50% tension or else it can cause skin irritation. Once you apply the tape, gently rub it to help it adhere to your body. In general, most sports tape can be worn for up to around five days, however for certain areas of the body, such as the knee or foot, the tape will generally only stay on for 2 to 3 days. Any exposure to water can reduce the length of wear.

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