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From infant care to helping treat those with diabetes, syringes play an important role in healthcare and first aid. These convenient, useful tools can be utilized to administer medication like insulin, or they can be used for parents to help relieve their little ones of things like pesky earwax and nasal congestion. Syringes are also used to give babies liquid medication.

Syringes For Babies

When it comes to infants, syringes can be used for a variety of different applications. These soft syringes are commonly made of pliable rubber or plastic. Nasal aspirators help parents remove mucus buildup from their children's noses so they can breathe more easily. A syringe with a plunger can be filled with medication, making it much easier for parents to administer medicine to small children or infants. Some styles come pre-filled with medication, and then they can be disposed of so there's no need to worry about sanitation. You can also use this type of syringe to clear out earwax from a baby's ears as needed.

Diabetic Syringes

If you are diabetic and need to administer insulin, you most likely need to use a syringe to properly receive your medication. These sharp syringes are used to directly inject medication into the bloodstream. You can purchase syringes online or receive them from your healthcare provider. After each use, they should be properly disposed of in a safe manner. Be sure to check the barrel size of your syringe to ensure you are receiving the correct dose of insulin. When you remove the cap, take care not to bend the needle to avoid injury or the needle breaking.

Proper Syringe Disposal

Other than soft syringes for infants, diabetic "hard" syringes need to be disposed of the proper way. You can purchase special containers that collect these "sharps" together safely in one central place. Most sharps containers can hold a large number of used syringes. Once the container is full, seal it up and you can safely return the container to the proper disposal center. Many syringe disposal containers include a shipping box with a label so that you know exactly where to return them. You can also request a disposal service come pick up your used syringes if this service is available in your area.

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