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To thoroughly cleanse your skin in the tub, at the sink or in the shower, you need soap at the ready. When you lather up soap, its ingredients help to wash impurities and germs from the surface of your skin, making it an important part of cleansing. If you're concerned about fragrances found in soaps, you may be tempted to skip the suds entirely, but you don't have to. CVS can help you quickly find the right unscented soap for your needs and gives you the ability to shop for soap online.

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Eliminating Scent

Unscented soaps are used to cleanse just like conventional soaps, but they have one big difference. An unscented soap is free of fragrance. Most soaps have scents added to make using them more enjoyable and to enhance the smell of the skin after washing. Scents do not impact a soap's ability to cleanse, though, so you can still purify your skin effectively with an unscented product. People who opt for unscented soaps may need to avoid fragrances due to allergies or skin sensitivity. Some people simply prefer not to smell like a soap fragrance after washing, leading them to select unscented options.

Soaps for Your Face, Hands, and Body

Most of the unscented soaps in this product selection are designed for use on your skin. You can find bar soaps that you rub against your hands or a washcloth to lather and liquid soaps that you dispense from a bottle prior to use. Unscented soaps may be formulated for cleansing the entire body from head to toe. Some can even double as shampoo for washing your hair. There are also unscented soap products that are made especially for the face. Scent-free hand soaps are generally placed by the sink to use while washing your hands.

Cleaning Products for Your Home

In addition to body, facial, and hand soaps, you can find a number of household soaps that are fragrance free. Unscented cleaning soaps can be used for a variety of different tasks. Most are multi-purpose, meaning that they can be safely applied to many different types of surfaces in your home. Others are designed for one job or one particular surface, such as cleaning floors or removing dirt from marble and stone. You can read the product names and descriptions to find out more about the unscented soaps for house cleaning that are featured in this selection.

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