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Wheelchairs can be an effective way to help those who are suffering from an injury, have difficulty walking, or are paralyzed to get around effectively. This mode of transportation can greatly improve the quality of life for someone who cannot walk on their own. From a broken leg to a debilitating disease, finding the right wheelchair can be a stressful endeavor. At CVS, we offer a wide selection of manual wheelchairs suited to a variety of needs. Simply sort the current selection by price, customer reviews, and even color to find the ideal wheelchair for your needs.

How To Choose A Wheelchair

It's recommended that you talk to your doctor to determine which style of a wheelchair will best suit your current condition. For example, if you're a large person, a bariatric wheelchair may be best since they are designed to support those who are bigger in size, and they typically have a wider seat for optimum comfort. Lightweight, folding wheelchairs are best if you're just dealing with a temporary problem such as a broken bone. These wheelchairs can easily be put away for storage when not in use, and they don't typically take up a lot of room.

Wheelchair Features

Various wheelchair manufacturers offer an assortment of helpful features. Detachable arms can help make getting in and out of the wheelchair much easier. Elevating leg rests and headrests can help assure a comfortable, more supportive ride. There are even reclining wheelchairs. Determine whether yourself or a caregiver will be steering the wheelchair. Larger wheels are recommended if you plan to steer it yourself. Smaller wheels are best for someone who requires the help of a caregiver to move them around on various terrain.

Wheelchair Safety

When riding in a wheelchair, it's important that you follow certain rules to assure your safety and the safety of those around you. Make sure that your wheelchair's wheels are in good shape and can handle a variety of surfaces like sidewalks, streets, and inside hallways. If you plan to ride in a vehicle while in your wheelchair, make sure the unit is WC19 compliant. If moving a patient from their bed to a wheelchair, be sure that it's parked close to the bed and that the brakes are on. Move all armrests and footrests out of the way before attempting to transfer someone from their wheelchair to a bed or vehicle.