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What kind of home tests are available?

Home medical testing can be a quick and easy way to continuously monitor your health in between visits to your doctor. There are a variety of medical tests and kits that are designed for at home use from thermometers, which measure temperature, to blood pressure monitors.

Home use tests such as cholesterol tests can help detect possible health conditions when there are no signs or symptoms so that you can receive early treatment and lower one's chances of developing complications later on.

For at home drug tests, there are tests that are available that can detect a variety of drugs including, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and others. Before making a decision, always read the description carefully to see what each test covers. For alcohol testing, there are also breathalyzers available to test for blood alcohol content in the body.

Home tests are intended to help with health care and should not replace periodic visits to your medical doctor. Most tests should be evaluated with your primary care doctor to also have the insight into your medical history, physical exams, and other tests.

At CVS Pharmacy, we have a wide selection of at home health tests and monitors including DNA tests, HIV tests, ovulation test kits, cholesterol tests & pregnancy tests. For additional information and recommendations for choosing the right home health test for you or a loved one you can consult with your physician to learn more about what options are available.

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