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Who Is Clinical Strength Deodorant For?

Clinical strength deodorant is for anyone who sweats more than they are comfortable with. If you live a very active lifestyle or just feel like you sweat a lot, clinical deodorant may be able to help. Like many deodorant products, clinical strength deodorant is actually a combination of a deodorant and an antiperspirant. While they are often combined in one product, it’s often still helpful to know the difference between the two. Basically, a deodorant contains ingredients that help stop your sweat from smelling bad, but it won’t stop you from sweating in the first place or do much to prevent underarm wetness. Conversely, antiperspirant contains aluminum compounds to stop your underarms from sweating but doesn’t directly provide protection against odor. For anyone looking to avoid aluminum, be cautious when shopping for a clinical strength deodorant, as most also offer antiperspirant protection and are formulated with aluminum. If using an aluminum free deodorant is important to you, check out our curated selection of natural deodorants!

How Does Clinical Strength Deodorant Work?

Clinical strength deodorant and antiperspirant works similarly to regular deodorant and antiperspirant. Once you apply your chosen product, small particles will sink into your skin to block sweat glands, helping you stay dry and fresh. Additionally, odor-blocking ingredients and added fragrance will work to prevent and cover up any remaining unpleasant underarm smells. Most brands recommend applying clinical strength deodorant each night before bed. This is because your body at rest is more receptive to absorbing the formula, allowing a thick layer of odor and wetness blocking protection to build up for the day ahead.

Choosing a Clinical Strength Deodorant

Clinical strength deodorant is available for both men and women. Most clinical strength antiperspirants come in either solid stick or gel form. These are easy to apply but may leave white residue or wet spots on your clothing if you don’t wait a few moments between application and getting dressed. When selecting a clinical strength deodorant, you should consider the same factors that you would if you were picking out a regular deodorant:

What scents do you like? Clinical strength antiperspirant comes in a variety of scents ranging from powdery fresh and clean to feminine and floral. Clinical strength deodorant for men is available in subtler scents from top brands such as Dove Men+Care Clinical Protection. In addition to scent, it is important to consider any other special preferences or needs you may have. Is your skin prone to sensitivity or irritation? Choosing a product that is formulated with moisturizing ingredients, such as Dove Clinical Protection may help. You can also try a product that’s made without fragrance and is formulated specifically for sensitive skin, like Secret Clinical Strength Smooth Solid. No matter which product you choose, remember that the best clinical strength deodorant is the one that leaves you feeling dry, odor free, and confident enough to face any situation!

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