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Foot Spa

Every day, your feet take hundreds to thousands of steps. The pressure of walking and the friction caused by shoes can be hard on your feet and lead to aching, heaviness and other types of discomfort. With the right foot care products, you can rejuvenate your feet. CVS can help you discover solutions for pampering your feet with a diverse assortment of foot spa products that are intended for use in the comfort of your home. Shop the entire selection now and find the best product for promoting happy feet.

Foot Soaking Tub

Medical professionals sometimes recommend soaking the feet to ease soreness and tiredness. Foot spas take the experience of a foot soak to a whole new level. These small tubs typically plug into the wall and use electricity to create massaging bubbles in the water. Some also warm up the water, using heat to promote circulation to your feet. Soaking your feet in a foot spa can also help to prepare your skin for various foot care treatments and to soften your nails prior to a pedicure.

Home Foot Spa

Massage is another way to soothe troubled feet. Manipulating the skin and muscles of the feet increases circulation, which can reduce inflammation and ease tension. Foot massaging hand tools can enhance an at-home foot massage. You may also want to apply a foot cream to lubricate your skin and make it easier to manipulate the tissue.

There are a number of other ways that you can pamper your feet. Foot creams that contain cooling ingredients like peppermint make foot care a reenergizing, uplifting experience. Moisturizing creams can also soften and condition the skin by replenishing lost moisture. Pads and cushions are available to wear inside your shoes in order to reduce pressure and friction that leads to foot care problems like pain, blisters, calluses and corns.

Foot Spa Safety

When pain in your feet is severe or persists despite the use of foot spa products, it is a good idea to discuss your symptoms with your medical provider. He or she can determine if there is an underlying issue contributing to your discomfort and recommend the best products to help you get relief. Before using any foot spa product, read the directions for use and safety information provided by the manufacturer. Following the instructions closely can help to ensure best results.