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Beard Grooming

CVS carries a wide variety of beard products to support your men’s grooming routine. There are multiple beard grooming products to choose from, and we know that selecting the best beard care items can be a tough task. To make your shopping experience that much easier, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you find the best beard care supplies for your needs. Read on to learn all about the various beard products that CVS has to offer!

Beard Oil

Beard Oil helps to relieve itchiness and dryness by moisturizing and conditioning coarse beard hairs as well as the skin underneath. Some beard oils are scented, so you’ll smell good in addition to having a softer, more manageable beard. Beard oil is suitable for use on all beard lengths, and can benefit you whether you have a short, close-cropped beard or a lumberjack-style mammoth. Beard oil is easy to apply with either your fingers or a comb. Gently work the product into your beard, then smooth the hairs down for a finished look.

Beard Products

Beard Wash is designed to help get rid of the impurities that naturally build up during your day. Using beard wash is important because it helps keep your beard and the skin underneath clean and free of irritants like built-up dirt and sweat. This can help you avoid the discomfort of beard itching and skin irritation. Additionally, beard wash helps to moisturize and condition your beard so that it feels softer and is easier to style.

Beard Cream is similar to beard oil. Beard cream is designed to moisturize and soften beard hair to make it more manageable and less itchy. While beard oil offers a slightly shiny finish, beard cream has a matte finish that won’t add any shine to your beard. Mens beard cream can be applied using either your fingers or a beard brush. Unlike beard oil, beard cream is fairly portable, which helps if you need to reapply the product a few times during the day to keep your beard soft and manageable.

Beard Softener can be thought of as a conditioner for your beard. It’s designed to hydrate and soften beard hair of any length. Since beard softener is essentially a conditioner, it may help your beard feel more comfortable by reducing irritation from coarse hairs. If you have coarse or unruly beard hair that is itchy or unmanageable, consider using a beard conditioner two to three times a week. In most cases, beard softener can be applied using your hands – simply lather the product between your palms and apply it to your beard. Then follow the directions on the packing for how long you need to wait between applying and rinsing.

Beard Balm, sometimes thought of as beard gel, plays a similar role to what styling gel or pomade does for the hair on your head – it helps shape and control your beard so that you can look well-groomed. So if you’re looking for a beard styling product to help keep your beard looking neat and impressive, beard balm is the product to reach for. You can work it into your beard using either your fingers, or a beard brush or comb that’s designed for use on beard hair. Beard balm, just like beard oil, also contains moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and essential oils to help keep your beard shiny and healthy. If you want to condition your beard while also shaping and styling it, try beard balm!

A beard brush is an important all-purpose tool for beard grooming and care. You can use it to tame your mane as well as apply products like beard oil that you wish to diffuse evenly among all the hairs. A boar bristle beard brush is often recommended because the natural boar bristles can absorb and evenly distribute product throughout your beard. Additionally, a boar bristle beard brush is great for detangling tough knots and snaggles. Do you have somewhat wild beard hair? Brushing your beard regularly can sometimes help “train” the hair follicles to fall in line, but this may not be the case for all men. For those whose hair remains unruly, using a brush in combination with beard balm can help to tame your beard.

Beard Trimmer

At some point, you may wish to trim your beard. This is where a good beard trimmer (or mustache trimmer) comes in handy! Look for a model that has plenty of length settings so that you can easily customize the look of your beard. With 20 length settings, the Braun beard trimmer bt3020 is a good choice. If you want to be able to trim your body hair with the same tool, consider purchasing a trimmer with multiple functions - just be sure it includes a variety of beard length settings.

A great looking beard takes effort and plenty of good grooming, but it is within reach! The right beard grooming and styling products will help you up your beard game and get the look you’ve always dreamed of. So what are you waiting for? Shop our extensive collection of quality beard care products today. Your beard will thank you!

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