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Baby Lotion

Just like you, your baby needs regular care to have healthy, soft skin. A proper infant skin care routine can go a long way toward preventing dermatological problems and helping your baby feel as comfortable as possible. Baby lotion can play an important role in a skin care regimen for a baby, and CVS can help you find the perfect one for your little one's skin.

What Is Baby Lotion?

Baby lotion is a skin care product that is used to help moisturize the skin. A baby lotion contains hydrating ingredients called emollients that instantly hydrate tissue. Unlike heavier baby oils, baby lotions become quickly absorbed by the skin and do not leave behind a greasy residue. Typically, baby lotion is recommended for babies with normal skin, while baby oil is best for little ones with dry skin. Most experts recommend applying baby lotion all over an infant's skin after bathing to lock in moisture.

Types Of Baby Moisturizer

Baby lotion is available in different types of packaging. Lotions in pump bottles simplify application, allowing you to dispense a small amount with just a quick push on the top. Inverted squeeze bottles can reduce waste and make it easier to use every drop of lotion. Brands may offer their products in just one type of packaging or package their lotions in different types of bottles.

Benefits Of Baby Lotion

Once you have chosen the type of packaging you prefer, you can examine the benefits of the various baby lotions to find the one best suited for your child. Some baby lotions are made with extra gentle ingredients to meet the needs of babies with sensitive skin. Others feature calming ingredients like aloe vera that can ease itching and irritation. Specialty baby lotions are available for infants with skin conditions like eczema. You can even find baby lotions with aromatherapeutic fragrances intended to help babies relax and unwind at bedtime. The product descriptions will tell you more about the specific benefits of each baby lotion.

Best Lotion For Babies

When putting together a skin care regimen for your child, it's wise to seek the advice of his or her pediatrician. A medical professional can tell you the best way to care for your baby's skin and let you know whether baby lotion is the right type of moisturizer for him or her. Always use baby lotion according to the directions on the bottle unless your medical provider gives you other instructions.