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Fungal infections can cause a wide range of symptoms from irritation to extreme itching. Whether you're suffering from athlete's foot or feminine problems, antifungal lotions can help offer some serious relief. If you're in search of an effective treatment, CVS has a large inventory of products designed to help you feel better.

Using Antifungal Lotion

From powders and sprays to lotions, antifungal treatments are designed to provide you with relief, eliminate the infection, and help to prevent the problem from reoccurring. These products can help to reduce and eventually eliminate the symptoms of fungal infections that include itching, cracking, chafing, and burning of the affected area. When you apply antifungal lotions, be sure your skin is completely clean and dry first. Apply the lotion to the area where you experience the problem and be sure to follow all instructions as indicated by the manufacturer. Wash your hands thoroughly after each use.

Treating Athlete's Foot With Antifungal Lotion

The term athlete's foot can apply to anyone, not just athletes. This condition involves a fungal infection found on the foot and in between the toes, and it can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Antifungal lotions will help to relieve the symptoms and kill the fungus that caused the condition in the first place. Since fungi like warm, moist environments, athlete's foot is one of the most common forms of fungal infections that people experience. Use the lotion as directed, making sure that you apply it thoroughly and regularly. You should feel relief shortly after application, and the problem should clear up within a few days after regular use.

Other Applications of Antifungal Lotion

Jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections are a few other common forms of fungal infections. If you suffer from any of these conditions, look for an antifungal lotion specially made to treat your specific problem. Each one contains a formula that will kill the specific fungi you have. Make sure to always follow the directions carefully before you apply the lotion and continue the process for as long as directed. If the time of treatment has passed and you're still experiencing discomfort or itching, you may need to speak with your doctor about potential prescription treatments that will help you feel normal and itch-free again.

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