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Dryer Sheets

How does your clothing look and feel when it comes out of the dryer? If your clothes are plagued by wrinkles and static, dryer sheets could help to address the problem. CVS carries everything that you need for laundry day, including a huge assortment of dryer sheets. You can shop for dryer sheets online and have your laundry supplies shipped to your door or check store availability to find out where you can buy your favorite product at a local CVS.

What Are Dryer Sheets For?

Dryer sheets are a type of laundry supply that enhances the results of drying clothing in a clothes dryer. Most sheets are thin pieces of synthetic fabric like polyester. The sheets have a coating of fabric softener. Most dryer sheets also feature an artificial or natural fragrance. Normally, one to two dryer sheets are used with each load of laundry placed in the dryer. After one time in the dryer, the coating on the dryer sheets usually becomes depleted, so it is best to use fresh sheets rather than to reuse.

Benefits Of Dryer Sheets

Clothing will dry in the clothes dryer even without dryer sheets; however, dryer sheets provide a number of benefits. Dryer sheets help to neutralize static to keep clothes from sticking together and attracting lint and hair after drying. The addition of fabric softener on the sheets helps to release wrinkles, so you're less likely to have to iron your clothes. Plus, dryer sheets give fabrics a softer feel for comfort during wear. In addition, the fragrances of dryer sheets fight odors and make the laundry smell more pleasant.

Scented Dryer Sheets

Because the scent of dryer sheets is one of their many benefits, you'll want to carefully consider the fragrance while you shop. Many manufacturers offer dryer sheets in more than one scent, giving you many options from which to choose. The product descriptions typically include information about the scent. You can find products with clean, fruity, floral, and herbal fragrances in this selection. Individuals who are sensitive to perfume or have irritation-prone skin may prefer unscented or fragrance free dryer sheets.

Eco-Friendly Dryer Sheets

If you're concerned about the effects of dryer sheets on the planet, there are eco-friendly options available to meet your needs. These products are generally made out of biodegradable fabrics that will break down rapidly in landfills. In addition, green dryer sheets often feature natural ingredients and fragrances rather than chemical fabric softeners and perfumes.

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