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Fiber Powder

Vitamins and minerals aren't the only important nutrients in a healthy, well-balanced diet. Dietary fiber is also essential for your health and well-being, and many people today have a hard time getting enough of it only through the foods that they eat. If you're one of them, fiber powder may help to bridge the diet gap. CVS can help you easily purchase fiber powder online with a diverse assortment of products with options for every need.

What Is Fiber?

Fiber is a substance that occurs naturally in plants. Certain vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cereals, dried beans, peas, nuts, and seeds are all sources of dietary fiber. There are two types of fiber found in foods: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber binds with water and forms a gel when it is digested. Insoluble fiber does not bind with water and tends to pass through the digestive system in whole form.

Why Take Fiber?

There are a number of reasons why people use fiber supplements. Most often, medical providers recommend fiber to help promote regular bowel movements. Insoluble fiber has been shown to increase the size of stool, helping make it easier for the body to pass. People who do not get enough insoluble fiber in their diet may experience constipation. Research has shown that soluble fiber may help to promote cardiovascular health by possibly lowering cholesterol. In addition, soluble fiber slows down the rate of digestion to help the body absorb nutrients and produce bowel movements properly.

Benefits Of Fiber Powders

Fiber supplements come in a number of different forms, but fiber powders are one of the most popular options. A fiber powder is mixed with water or another beverage allowed per manufacturer directions, and then drank like a beverage. Powdered fiber supplements eliminate the need to swallow pills and are typically easy for the body to digest.

Best Fiber Powder For You

There are a number of different types of fiber powders available on the market. Some are intended for daily use, while others are made specifically for addressing bouts of constipation when they occur. Manufacturers may offer fiber powders in more than one flavor, giving you the ability to choose the one that is most appealing to you.

Fiber Powder Health Tips

Dietary fiber supplements are not for everyone. Before adding a fiber powder to your diet, consult your medical provider to determine if the product is right for you. Unless your health care provider gives you other advice, always follow the directions for use printed on the fiber powder packaging to ensure best results.