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Index cards have a variety of helpful uses. From the classroom to the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose all-white index cards or some made with color, these handy pieces of heavy-duty paper provide you with a wide array of applications. If you're looking for index cards, CVS has a myriad of brands and styles to choose from. Read on for a few ways you can use index cards in your everyday life.

Index Card Sizes

An index card is a piece of cardstock cut to one of many standard sizes. The most common index card size is 3x5 inches. Other available sizes include 4x6, 5x8 and ISO-size A7(2.9x4.1). Most index cards are line-ruled on one side for easy note taking and the larger 5x8 index cards can fit more information.  

Using Index Cards For Studying

Because of their handy size and heavier weight, index cards make excellent flashcards. Whether you're learning basic math problems or a new language, write down a few questions or problems on the front of the card, and write the answer on the back. You can use the cards by yourself to help you study, or partner with a friend and test your knowledge together. They also make excellent bookmarks, especially if you need to save the page of a heavy textbook. Some index cards are plain while others are ruled with lines on the front. You might want the ruled version if you have a lot to write down.

Recipe Index Cards

Do you have a lot of cherished recipes you love to use from time to time? Index cards are the perfect solution to help you keep everything all in one place. Simply write down your favorite recipes on one per card. Then, store them in a handy recipe box so you'll always have easy access to them. Use tabs at the top of a few index cards to create dividers, separating your recipe by category like savory meals, breads, and desserts. Cut index cards into small pieces and attach them to a container of baked goods to use them as a label for the holidays, special occasions, or bake sales.

Index Cards For Organization

If you use a day planner with a three-ring binder design, you can add index cards to get organized. Simply punch holes into the long side of the card, and add it to your book. Use the cards as a separator between sections, months in your calendar, or when you just need a quick fix to fill out information without buying an entire new section for the planner. They also work well in planners with small pockets that let you stash things like receipts inside. Jot down your notes onto the index card, place it in the pocket, and then refer to it later as needed. The sky really is the limit when it comes to these super-handy cards.


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