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Calendars & Planners

Whether it's for home, school, work, or business, calendars and planners are essential for keeping your life organized and productive. Although a digital calendar app on a smartphone is efficient, including an artsy paper agenda notebook to tote along can help to inspire your creativity, stay on top of meetings and appointments, celebrate special moments. Remember important dates and events, and track your progress as you work towards your goals.

Types Of Calendars

A wall, desk, or dry-erase calendar is a great multi-purpose tool to stay up-to-date on appointments, errands, sports practice days, and more. While digital devices are excellent for keeping personally organized, physical calendars are essential tools for a quick at-a-glance view of important dates that can be seen by everyone at home to help remind them when and where they have to be and what to do.

Paper Planner

Frequently, even though people are very digitally-oriented in the ways they go about the day, many prefer having a paper planner also. Planners can provide immediate gratification of putting words on paper. You can quickly jot things down and keep going. The notebooks are also handy for carrying documents inside, such as coupons, receipts, airline tickets, and so on.

Organization Planners

Arrange your life, remember tasks, set goals, and get things done with our functional calendars, planners, datebooks, and agendas that make planning fun and simple. Whether you're looking to organize your schedule, be more productive, or pursue a creative passion, planners provide the hands-on functionality and space you need to plot your goals in work and personal life. 

Best Planners For You

Calendars and planners are available in a variety of formats, sizes, and styles with daily, weekly, and monthly views. For those on the go, choose a compact planner that can go with you everywhere you travel and easily fit in your carry-on bag or laptop case. A larger one will have extra room for your ideas, notes, journal entries, task lists, and more. When you can choose from different types, including 12-month and 18-month, there is no need to wait until a new year arrives to get started on your organization. We have calendars and planners with designs and layouts to match your style.

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