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Temporal Thermometer

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What are the Best Temporal Thermometer Brands?

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Best Temporal Thermometer

Your temperature is typically taken orally, rectally, or with an ear probe, but a temporal thermometer makes getting an accurate body temperature fast and easy. These unique thermometers are non-invasive and offer quick, accurate readings for parents, health care professionals, and yourself. With a simple stroke across the forehead or quick placement on the forehead area, you'll receive almost instant temperature readings whenever you need them.

How Does a Temporal Thermometer Work?

A temporal thermometer works much differently than other types of thermometers. It uses a unique process that determines the body's temperature by measuring the balance between tissues warming from arterial blood and tissues that are cooling as a result of a heat loss. This unique balance creates a reading that more accurately reflects your internal body temperature. It is called a temporal thermometer because it is directly applied to the temporal artery, a vein found in the forehead.

Benefits of Temporal Thermometers

One of the most touted benefits of using temporal thermometers is its quick results. Unlike rectal or oral thermometers, temporal versions produce a much faster result so you can determine if someone has a fever or not. This is especially helpful if you have a sick child and need to know quickly if they are running a fever. They're also lightweight, compact, and easy to take with you while traveling so you'll always have it close at hand. Many new models are digital, which makes reading the numbers extremely fast and easy.

Temporal Thermometer For Everyone

Your temporal artery has been used as a measure of temperature for thousands of years, with recorded references of people using the palpitation of the head to determine if someone has a fever. This artery branches from the external carotid and lies just about one millimeter under the surface of the forehead skin. This means it provides excellent heat conduction to the skin's surface. This area is also easy to access and there is no risk of injury if the thermometer is gently applied. The temporal artery remains stable, helping to ensure that the temperature readings are accurate.

Whether you're a new parent, a parent of a young child, or you have an elderly family member, temporal thermometers are an excellent addition to your first aid kit or medicine cabinet. Use them whenever you need to gauge someone's temperature for fast and accurate results.

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