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Walker Accessories

Walkers and rollators can help people with limited mobility stay active and complete their daily activities safely. With the right accessories, it's possible to make repairs to walkers and rollators and use these mobility aids with greater ease. In this product selection at CVS, you can find a diverse assortment of walker and rollator accessories, so you can quickly buy whatever you or your loved one needs for a mobility aid online.

Walker Replacement Tips

Over time, walkers and rollators will suffer wear and tear due to regular use. To ensure that you or your loved one can continue to use the mobility aid, you will likely need to perform periodic maintenance on a walker or rollator. Tips on walkers and wheels on rollators become worn over time and can pose a risk for slippage. Replacement parts can be purchased to restore the walker to like new condition. You can also find replacement grips for walkers and rollators.

Walker Glides

For people who struggle to move easily with a conventional walker, accessories can help make walking simpler. Glides can be mounted on walker tips, so that the mobility aid can slide more effortlessly over surfaces. Options include tennis ball tips, walker ski glides, and coasters. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the various types of walker tip alternatives.

Walker Baskets

Because both hands are needed to move a walker or rollator, users may find it hard to carry items when they are at home or on the go. Fortunately, there are accessories available for transporting personal belongings. You can purchase trays that keep objects right on top of the walker or rollator. Baskets can be fitted onto the front of walkers and rollators to keep items within quick reach. For closed storage, you can opt for a zippered bag that fits onto the frame of a walker or rollator.

Rollator Accessories

When you're shopping for walker and rollator accessories, be sure to read the product descriptions carefully. The descriptions will give you information about the sizes of the accessories and which types of walkers or rollators the products will work with. If necessary, you may want to measure your walker or rollator to ensure that a particular product will fit. To ensure best results, follow the installation or usage instructions included with your new walker or rollator accessory.

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