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Since Edison's famous invention, the light bulb has become an essential part of modern life. These glass bulbs provide us with bright light and illuminate the room with a simple flick of a switch. From energy-efficient LED bulbs to traditional styles, you'll discover a wide selection of light bulbs at CVS. Simply sort the bulbs you need by price, brand name, brightness, and more to find the right bulb for your needs.

Go Green with LED Bulbs

Conserving energy is important, and LED bulbs offer bright light along with less power consumption. These long-lasting light bulbs come in a variety of wattages, sizes, and styles to fit anything from ceiling lights to table lamps. An LED bulb can cut energy consumption by as much as 80 percent, meaning you'll save money on your power bill each month if you replace standard light bulbs with an LED version.

Choosing a Bulb's Feature

You may not think of light bulbs as having many features other than providing illumination. Today's bulbs come with a wide array of features including dimmable functions, candelabra-style shapes, and even smart bulbs that work with smartphone apps so you can turn them on and off remotely. Colored bulbs are another popular feature, and they can really change the look and feel of any room. Look for light bulbs in an assortment of different formats that offer you more than just traditional light.

Consider the Room Before Selecting a Light Bulb

Think about the type of lighting and ambiance you want for each room in your home. Your living room might need bright light, while the bedroom looks more inviting in low light. Home offices tend to need adequate brightness so it's easier to see and work without causing eye strain. Each room may need a different level of light to suit your needs and preferences. Look at the various types of bulbs and how much light they produce so you can choose the right bulb style and brightness for every space.

Weigh Your Light Bulb Options

When deciding on light bulbs, consider the amount of money they cost upfront versus the money you can potentially save on energy costs. LED bulbs tend to cost more initially, but they last longer than standard bulbs and can also reduce power use. CFL, or compact fluorescent bulbs, can also help you save on overall energy costs and have a longer operation life than a traditional incandescent bulb. Ponder the different options to determine which type of light bulb will suit your needs.

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