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Philips Behind the Ears Sport Headphones
Philips Behind the Ears Sport Headphones
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Philips Earhook Headphones Shs3201
Philips Earhook Headphones Shs3201
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When you are constantly dealing with outside interruptions to your work or peaceful reminiscing, it is important to have a way to center yourself. Headphones or earbuds can help you do that by blocking out the outside noise and letting you listen to what matters to you. You can use earbuds to focus on watching a movie during a flight, to listen to music instead of noisy coworkers, conduct hands-free phone calls, which leave your hands free to take notes and more.

Earbuds come in all shapes and sizes for various purposes and activities. You will want different earbuds for working out or jogging than you will for simply listening to music. Here are a few types to consider as you search for the perfect pair.


If you want earbuds that are easy and convenient to use, then Bluetooth earbuds are the right choice for you. Connecting to your device using Bluetooth technology instead of wires, these earbuds offer great freedom if you will be moving around a lot while using them. They won't tangle or get in your way, and they are easy to store when not in use. The only downside is that they require charging and don't offer unlimited listening time compared to wired earbuds.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation earbuds work to block out any kind of noise in your surroundings. If you don't want to hear your coworkers talking on their phones, kids yelling on airplanes, neighbors stomping around in the next apartment or traffic outside your window, noise cancellation earbuds are what you need. This type of earbuds/headphones are often very powerful, allowing you to focus on whatever you are listening to. You can even use them to sleep through noisy surroundings.

Sweat Resistant

If you want to use earbuds while working out at the gym or going for a run, you will want to choose sweat-resistant earbuds. They block out moisture from sweat, allowing them to stay dry even when your head is not. This is important because sweat can ruin Bluetooth earbuds or create a bacteria-growing environment on other earbuds if they are not made to encounter sweat or other moisture.

You can find a pair of earbuds that is right for you, no matter the activity for which you are using them. Just be sure that they have all the qualities that you need.