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Laundry Supplies

All clothing requires regular care to remain clean, fresh, and attractive. As a result, it's important you stay stocked up on fabric care products needed to launder and maintain your clothes. CVS makes purchasing laundry supplies easy with a huge selection of products that are available for you to browse and buy online.

How To Wash Clothes

At CVS, you can purchase everything you need for laundry day. Detergent is a must for washing clothes. Also called laundry soap, detergent contains surfactants that attract impurities and allow them to be washed away. In addition to detergent, some people like to add scent boosters or stain-fighting laundry products to their wash. To soften your clothes and reduce static, you can use fabric softener in the washing machine or dryer sheets in the dryer. The laundry supplies product selection also includes hampers, bins, and sorters to help you organize laundry loads and easily transport your clean and dirty clothes. Laundry bags can be used to protect delicate items in the washer and dryer and come in a variety of sizes to suit everything from small bras to bulky sweaters.

How To Remove Stains & Patch Holes In Clothes

When you spill something on a favorite article of clothing or accidentally rip a garment, you can often take steps to address the problem at home. With sewing supplies, you can mend garments, patch holes, replace buttons, and more. Stain removers can be used to dissolve stains and enhance the appearance of your clothing. Typically, these products are applied before you place your garments in the washing machine.

How To Remove Wrinkles

Many types of fabrics develop wrinkles during laundering or while in storage. Ironing makes it possible to remove these wrinkles, so that clothing looks neat and polished. An iron is an electrical appliance that flattens wrinkles and smooths fabrics using a combination of steam and pressure from a metal sole plate. Often, people choose to iron on a specially designed ironing board that can withstand the heat of the appliance.

Tips for Fabric Care

Keep in mind that different types of clothing require different types of care. Before laundering your clothing, check the care tags inside to determine what types of laundry supplies you need to use to clean it properly. Always keep laundry supplies and accessories out of reach of children and use them in the manner recommended by the manufacturer for best results.