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Washing your clothes regularly is of the utmost importance for keeping garments looking clean and smelling fresh. To get your clothes perfectly clean in the washing machine, it's necessary to use some variety of detergent. CVS can help you stock up on this essential laundry supply with a huge selection of laundry detergents that you can browse online. Once you have found the detergent that's best for your needs, you can complete your purchase and have the product shipped to your home.

What Is Detergent?

Detergent is a laundry supply that acts as a cleaning agent for clothing. Ingredients in detergent pull impurities away from the surface of clothing and typically create suds inside the washing machine. The detergent-filled water drains out of the washing machine at the end of the wash cycle, and any remnants of it is flushed out with water during the rinse cycle. As water cannot wash away oily residues, clothing simply could not get clean without the help of detergent.

Best Laundry Detergent For Your Washing Machine

Before shopping for laundry detergent, it's a good idea to read the directions for use that came with your washing machine to find out what type of detergent is recommended. High efficiency washing machines are typically compatible with high efficiency or HE laundry detergent. This type of detergent is highly concentrated and designed to produce suds in the low levels of water found in these types of machines. Commercial washing machines at laundromats do not require HE detergent.

Laundry Pods

Conventional laundry detergent comes in liquid form and must be measured into the cap or another measuring cup prior to use. For those who want to skip the measuring step, laundry detergent pods provide an alternative to liquids. Pods are liquid detergent that is placed in a package that dissolves in water. Before you start the washing machine, you simply drop in a pod.

Specialty Laundry Soap

Specialty laundry detergents can be beneficial for people with certain garment care needs. For heavily soiled clothing, you can use an extra strength or stain fighting detergent. People with sensitive skin or allergies can look for hypoallergenic laundry detergents that are made with gentle ingredients and often fragrance free. Natural laundry detergents are an excellent choice for people who are striving to use fewer chemicals in their homes. In these products, synthetic ingredients are replaced by extracts form plants and other natural substances whenever possible.

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