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With the right supplies, you can tackle a wide range of home improvement and maintenance products on your own without having to call in a pro. CVS makes it possible to stock up on much of the essential hardware required for your DIY projects with a huge selection of products that you can shop online. Browse the hardware products now to buy online or find out where you can purchase the items you need at CVS stores in your neighborhood.

Hardware Help With Adhesives

An adhesive is a sticky substance used to secure two objects to one another and can be used for everything from repairs to construction to arts and crafts projects. In this product selection, you'll find many different types of adhesives that are suitable for application on a wide range of surfaces. Options include adhesive tape like duct tape and mounting tape and glues like super glue and hot glue sticks. You can even shop for Velcro hook and loop fasteners and Command strips for hanging items on your walls at CVS.

Hardware Supplies For Electric Work

You rely on electronics and electrical appliances for work, preparing food, personal care, entertainment, education, and more. Electrical supplies can help you ensure that these essential items in your home receive the power they need. At CVS, you can buy electrical accessories and supplies to solve many common problems. Outlet plugs and power strips make it possible to supply power to more items using a single outlet. With extension cords, you can plug items into difficult-to-access outlets with greater ease. This product assortment even contains surge protectors to protect electrical items from damage due to power surges.

Security Hardware

CVS can help you protect your personal property with high-quality security and lock products. Whether you prefer padlocks with keys or combination locks, you'll find a wide range of options to choose from. In addition, the hardware products range includes specialty locks and lock boxes for safeguarding cash, important documents, and other valuables.

Hardware Tools

At CVS, you can pick up a number of tools and supplies and accessories to simplify your projects. You can complete your tool collection with everything from paint brushes to pliers and stock up on fasteners like nails. The product selection also allows you to buy lighters, lubricants, gloves, and other protective gear and other essentials with just a few clicks.

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