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Whether you're repairing broken items, tackling a construction project, or creating a craft or work of art, you're likely to require some type of adhesive along the way. An adhesive is a sticky substance that is typically used to join two items together permanently or temporarily. At CVS, you'll find a diverse assortment of adhesives that you can buy online or purchase at your local store, making it easy to stock up on the materials you need to complete your project.

Adhesives For Specific Surfaces

When you're shopping for an adhesive, start by identifying the surface or material to which you will be applying the product. You can find adhesives that hold securely to paper, fabric, wood, metal, leather, ceramics, and more. Multi-purpose adhesives are intended for use on many different types of surfaces and can be an excellent choice if you are looking for a product to keep around the house to handle different projects and jobs as they arise.

Types Of Adhesives

After you identify the adhesives that are a good choice for your intended material, you can compare the forms of the available products. Generally, adhesives are available in tape, liquid, gel, and stick forms, but your choices may be limited depending on the type of project you are completing. Tape adhesives are quick and easy to apply and can often be removed. Liquids and gels are usually squeezed or brushed onto a surface, allowing for precise application. Some liquids and gels come with brushes to assist with the process. Stick adhesives rub on, simplifying use, while hot glue creates a tight bond between objects using a heated glue gun. You can also find Velcro hook and loop fasteners in this assortment of adhesive products.

Specialty Adhesives

Once you have narrowed down the options by considering surfaces and forms, you can examine special features of the adhesives to eliminate some choices. Some adhesives are tinted to match specific surfaces, while others appear white or clear once dry. Depending on your project, you may want to select an adhesive that is water soluble, meaning that it can be washed off. Waterproof and water-resistant adhesives are a better fit for items that may come in contact with moisture or be used to hold liquid.

Adhesives Tips

With any type of adhesive, it is important that you use the product correctly in order to ensure best results. Before using any adhesive, read the directions for use printed on the label or package. Keep in mind that some adhesives may require you to wear protective gear like disposable gloves.

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